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Offering Revolutionary Eyewear That Prevents Motion Sickness While Traveling And Delivers the Ultimate Pilot IFR Training Experience

Offering Revolutionary Glasses That Prevent Motion Sickness While Traveling
ViBAN Corporation

Enjoy Your Ride

ViBAN is one-of-a-kind car sickness eyewear that removes the view of irritating motion outside the vehicle, the key cause of motion sickness.

You can catch up on email, read a book or map, view a movie, or text a friend while you ride with ViBAN. Order your ViBAN here today and say goodbye to motion sickness. 

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A Must have for Pilots

Pilots use ViBAN as a view-limiting device for IFR flight training, where it is the most used piece of equipment. This flight training is done while under the instruction of a qualified flight instructor, helping pilots earn their IFR instrument certification or maintain currency requirements.

Award winning ViBAN is the lightest, most comfortable view-limiting device/ IFR hood available. It won't fog up while wearing a mask.

ViBAN Corporation

Viban Guarantee

Order risk-free with our unconditional 30-day full money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with ViBAN for any reason, return it with a case & cord within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund, less shipping. Original receipt and contents required upon return.