ViBAN is a true advance in IFR training. Its design is revolutionary and comfort unmatched. It is the lightest, most comfortable view-limiting device/ IFR hood available. It won't fog up while wearing a mask.

ViBAN will not scratch, break or produce a blinding effect when flying into the sun like other devices. You won't need sun glasses because ViBAN blocks out bright sunlight. Made from a super lightweight polymer, ViBAN will deliver the performance and quality you expect. Order now to receive the case and cord free along with free US shipping and $14.95 international shipping.


The view-limiting device / IFR Hood is the most utilized piece of equipment during IFR training, so comfort and performance are a must. As pressures mount from performing difficult tasks in ever-changing light conditions, you will stay focused with ViBAN. It won't dig into your nose, temples, and ears like clunky hoods and safety glass types. Its ultra-lightweight, one-ounce design are important features that make ViBAN hardly noticeable while deeply immersed in training.


sensible design

ViBAN is black for a reason. Black is a neutral color and soothing when close to the eye. It won't irritate the eyes as white, yellow, or frosted products do. We made it to fold compactly to fit in its case, saving precious space in the cockpit. The semi-hard case has a belt loop so it can be at your side for easy access during training. Get yours here today and receive free U.S. shipping along with the case and cord at no extra charge.

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Why Choose ViBAN


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  • Winner! Favorite IFR Hood
  • Aviation Consumer Magazine
  • Editor's Choice
  • Award Winner!

Customer & Magazine Reviews

When it comes to IFR training you should choose personal comfort and compatibility. Of the hood design our top choice is the hybrid-design ViBAN. It has good durability and comfort plus it's easy to put on and take off.
- THE AVIATION CONSUMER Magazine - July 2019

These ViBAN have become very, very popular as they don't fog up with a mask on!
- University of North Dakota Flight School

Viban is the absolute best view limiting device, had them for many years - being able to put them on without disturbing a headset is absolutely marvelous, and having the entire instrument panel in view all the time is a great aid in preventing air sickness.

With other products like Foggy types, the field of view is, maybe, 10-15 degrees, requiring a significant side-to-side head movement for a proper instrument scan, especially when using the radio stack.With Viban, the lateral head movement is minimal, which greatly reduces the possibility of vertigo. VERY important when doing unusual attitudes form an IPC.

The are three other significant advantages of Viban:

  • 1. It is very easy to use, even with a headset; the strength of the frame also makes it simple to insert the frame under a headset, even if wearing sunglasses.
  • 2. There is no better lateral vision than under the Viban; no clear plastic in the sight path like Foggy types; also a much better vertical range.
  • 3. With the visible edge flat black, it also eliminates distraction from shadows when maneuvering.

- Lee L.

The ViBAN view limiting visor has been tested by students and instructors of the College of Aviation and they prefer ViBAN over other view limiting devices because of their fit and the fact that they weigh just an ounce.
- Western Michigan University College of Aviation

The first task I give my new instrument students before we start training is to find a view limiting device that they like. There’s the hood that everyone hates or the foggy type, which usually end up becoming very uncomfortable very quickly. The headset ends up pressing the sides into the side of your head, leaving lumps and scars that hurt for days. Well, there is finally another solution that combines the two. Meet the ViBAN. It’s easy to put reading glasses on underneath while still blocking the view of the exterior of the plane. It doesn’t leave bruises against the side of your head, either.
- Hank G.

Get your ViBAN! It provides a perfect view of the instrument panel while completely blocking the forward and side views. It is inconspicuous and folds into a sunglass size case.
- PLANE & PILOT Magazine

Thanks for making a great product. I'm a pilot and after seeing your product drove an hour away the very next day to get my very own set. Many thanks!
- Jim B.

The most versatile hood we've found. Not only is the ViBAN hood the most comfortable view-limiting device we've worn but it's lightweight and easy to use. ViBAN fits under all types of headgear and is portable. Fold it up for easy storage in your flight bag.
- AVSHOP Pilot Store

ViBAN has been a staple at our flight academy for some time. We like them because they are simple yet effective.
- Danien R., Training Manager, International Aviation Academy, New Zealand

I've used quite a few hoods and the ViBAN is by far my favorite. It comes with an unobtrusive nose rest and easily slides on and off without having to remove your headset.
- Matthew W.

For me, Foggles are too tight to wear comfortably and they are hot in the summer. Traditional hoods were too bulky and didn't fit well with a headset. Then I saw ViBAN in an issue of Plane & Pilot and bought one to try it. I love it. Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to take off and on under a headset.
- Sloan E.

Buy this view limiting device and it will change your world! My flight instructor showed me this when I was working on my private when I was still trying to simply track to a VOR. I knew that I wanted this pair when I started work on my instrument rating and to eventually use with my students. It is comfortable, fits easily in a flight bag and they are extremely durable. Most importantly it restricts your view, when looking forward all you can see is the instrument panel.
- Taylor R.

ViBAN provides a clear view of the instrument panel while its vision occluding frame helps restrict vision on the sides better than other hoods and effectively limits the view out the window.

We found ViBAN to be lightweight and comfortable and it stayed firmly in place.

ViBAN provides a clear view of the instrument panel while its vision-occluding frame helps restrict vision on the sides better than other hoods and effectively limits the view out the window.
- FLYING Magazine

Shipped very fast. Excellent product. Recommend to every pilot.
- Kevin T.

I love it! wouldn't use anything else.
- C. D. Dansburg

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