Shipping & More

Shipping Costs & Delivery

Shipping is free in the United States, regardless of quantity, using USPS First Class mail. USPS Priority mail is available at an additional charge. Orders generally ship within 24 hours of receipt on business days. See international shipping details below.

International Orders

International orders are charged a flat rate of US $14.95 per unit ordered. This is sent USPS standard mail with no special options (i.e., tracking, etc.). International tracking often costs more than the product. If you want to track, please inform us ahead of the sale so we can quote the cost. 

**Some countries require customers to pay taxes/fees on international orders upon receipt of product. We do not collect VAT or other international taxes.  Customers will need to pay these taxes/fees upon receipt of product. 

Sales Tax

Six percent state sales tax applies to Florida residents.

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Special Instructions


For those who were prescription glasses

ViBAN fits over smaller glasses but not larger glasses. If you wear eyeglasses, order version VB1060, the second option on the BUY NOW page. We recommend this version, which comes without the nosepiece attached because the nosepiece can interfere with a proper fit while wearing glasses. The nosepiece is included with instructions to gel super glue it on later if desired. You will not need to wear sunglasses because ViBAN also serves as the best sun visor available for blocking out bright sunlight. Try it sitting in the yard or at the pool or beach on sunny days, it's amazing.


For Those Purchasing For Children

If ordering for children, choose version VB1060 on the BUY NOW page, the second option. The adult version is too large for most children under 10 but will still fit if the nose piece is not attached. ViBAN can be gently secured in place on the child's forehead using the cord. The child needs to be old enough to know to keep ViBAN in position to block out all the motion, as even a little motion can be problematic. The nosepiece is included with instructions to gel super glue it on later as the child grows.